Every birth whether at home or at Hospital is to be registered within a prescribed time period at the office of concerned registrar of births and death. Birth Certificate is the most important document for any person as that is the first certificate issued for a child after his birth, which gives the documentary evidence and related citizenship rights to that child. The proof of birth is a critical when it comes for getting any type of official documentation. Without the proof of birth getting a passport or visa can be very difficult. A person has to go through several legal formalities in order to get the certificate. Also lack of knowledge can make this process as a nightmare. In India the birth should be registered within a time period of 21 days to the concerned authorities. However, there may be many reasons where a birth certificate gets lost in many incidents like fire or during house shifting or some other reasons. Many of us ignore the significance of this important document and realize this ignorance when the passport application or visa is denied on account of no proof of birth.

For this problem what are the steps that the person can take at that moment? How to get unregistered birth after 20-35 years? If you are too a person who is facing this problem, here the answers to all your queries regarding birth registration. In some cases where the Birth was not registered due to some reasons or you have lost the certificate the person can apply for Non Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) from the concerned office. NABC is an official document stating that the birth record of a particular person is not available. Section 17 of the Registration of Births and Death Act 1969 provides the provision that birth record of that particular individual is checked and is not available in the register. It is the document which certifies that the registration of unregistered birth.


  • In Urban Areas: In urban areas the Municipal Corporation where the person was born this work will assign of issuance of birth certificate.
  • In Rural Areas: In rural areas Para medical staff in every village has been authorized for the issuance of certificate. The person could also visit the Gram Panchayat Office in his village and the Tehsildar at the Taluka level for getting the certificate.
  • In case of Non-resident Indian: Such NRI’s who are born before 1969 when the registration rule came into force the Indian consulates can issue the NABC certificate to them.


In India every state may have different eligibility criteria for the issuance of NABC. For example in Delhi the person has to be satisfied the below three conditions:

  • An NRI or an individual who is a citizen of India, born within the territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi.
  • An Individual should not have any Birth Certificate issued from anywhere in India.
  • There must be minimum one year gap between the date of birth and the date of making.

Generally following documents are submitted as Identity and address proof:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Ration Card etc.

Date of birth proof documents

  • Passport
  • Nursing home/Hospital Report/Vaccination card
  • School certificate
  • An Affidavit
  • Diving license

Process for applying NABC:

  1. Direct Method: The person need to visit nearby Municipal Corporation office and make a request to the Health officer and Registrar. It is important to first conduct a search at the concerned birth registrar office to verify that there is no record of birth is available. Once it is confirmed that no birth record is available then an application along with required documents can be made at the concerned office. The concerned authority would give an application form that needs to be filled. The registrar after verification of the application will grant the NABC.
  2. Online Method: This method makes it easier for withdrawing the NABC and it also save time and money. Browse the website of the Municipal Corporation of your state. To access web services first you have to be registered. Once the registration is completed by your end you will be able to access online services. There after you will get a form titled “Issuance of delayed birth order”. After fulfilling all the required details in the form, upload scanned copies of the supporting documents i.e. address proof, identity proof and proof of birth). After submitting all the required documents and information, site would be asked to pay online as the fee for withdrawing NABC. A receipt number will be given to you. Keep that receipt number with you for future reference after successfully submitting the online application. This process usually takes a week or a month for officially to validate the information and provide you the NABC.