Thank you to Monisha and all your team for the hard work and the challenges that you had to go through to get this done.

I have know Monisha for few years know and have worked with her, she always manages with her team and to get me the results and I have every faith in her and her team, a big thank you to you all, we fully appreciate all the hard work you all as a team have put in this.

Jaswinder Bassi

“A true professional” Monisha provides great support, advise and a Winning strategy for her clients. She helps her clients understand the 360 view of a claim or legal case. Monisha will guide you through the legal process, explain the law, strategy and risks in your case. More importantly, she has a genuine concern and interest in your overall success. I would refer Monisha to many of my business clients and friends as she and her team is best for help NRI’s.

Jaskaranjit Singh Thandi
[email protected]

This is an extremely professional law firm. Simon and Josephine prove to be very knowledgeable in their respective areas of practice. They have made me feel very confident and comfortable with their capabilities in handling my case.
I would highly recommend Monisha who is Founder & President at Simon and Josephine, She helped me with her extreme knowledge in legal arena. She is very clear and prompt in getting back to me, Monisha kept me informed and found out everything related to my property and represented me as promised and her team gave me the very best in services and representation in court.

Rajni Walia

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you the team at Legal Services NRI, in helping us to deal with our property in India. I am residing in Australia and it is difficult for me to travel India to look after the affairs of my property. My family owned a huge part of land in different parts of India. I did not have any exact idea about the properties, and their current status. But with the information as basis as my father’s name and some idea where the property was situated, this company did a thorough investigation with the revenue authorities and inspected the land.  They not only got the information about the land but also the family house, commercial shops etc. They have helped me to transfer the properties in my name from that of my father.I appreciate the help that Monisha have provided and I must say – I am impressed with the professionalism.

Lavish Gugnani
[email protected]

I approached Legal Services NRI on the advice of one of my friend, who suggested me to believe in them as they are highly qualified and experienced to work with different number of clients and cases. I suffered huge financial loss because of my cases. All the time I faced the failure in my cases. I really appreciate about the members of the team that they never misguide the Client and will let you know even if there are chances that the legal action will not succeed. It was a very good experience for me to work with them. I would recommend Legal Services NRI to those people who need the right guidance for any litigation in India.

Cpt. Sukhpreet Singh

On a friend’s recommendation I approached Monisha for legal help in 2018. Her service, and genuine advice, is worth a mention especially when one is stuck in some Indian legal matters. Being a foreign national and having no clue of Indian legal proceedings, her advises really helped. Beyond the consultancy, her promptness of getting issues resolved is commendable. To cite an example: In a time pressed environment she got the stamp papers arranged despite the office saying no to us. I see myself counting upon her services in future and would recommend the same to others.I wish Monisha success and prosperity in this new venture of hers!

Ramit Sehgal

I am a Senior Citizen who has been living in Australia for the last 40 years. I have property in Punjab and was fighting cases with relatives in India. Due to my work and family it was impossible to travel back and forth. I spoke to Monisha Mahajan through a reference of a family friend. Monisha Mahajan and her team provided me all possible options for resolving the land dispute. They were not only exceptionally strategical in their approach in settling this matter but also their constant communication regarding updates on my case helped to understand the status. I did not at all have to follow up with them; in fact the team was always providing information and relevant paperwork.I really wish to thank them for all the effort and wish them great luck for reinforcing the trust in the Indian system.

Raj Sanghera

Ms. Monisha Mahajan, now Founder & President at Simon and Josephine, demonstrated the breadth of her legal expertise and knowledge when I hired her to represent my NRI clients for their property matters in India. She earned my trust to the point that I had my clients to chose her to be their Power of Attorney to represent them for Mutations and Partition of their properties. Looking forward to engage her services for sale of properties now. For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend Ms. Monisha Mahajan.

Vijay Baghi
[email protected]

I have had a very pleasant experience with Simon and Josephine. Monisha Mahajan, the founder of the company has guided and assisted me with a property issue my husband Jaskaran and I had in Punjab. The team also assisted with the sale of property and the repatriation of funds ensuring the transaction was completely within the premises of law.
Dealing with Indian laws is very different than the laws of the western countries. Getting jobs accomplished like mutations/inteqal of land, identifying buyers, drafting full proof agreements to sell and then the financial and tax transactions are very tedious and cannot be achieved in a short span of stay. This company made it possible for me without having to travel to India and helped me accomplish the financial transaction in my short stay in India. I will highly recommend the services of the company. Please feel to contact for any queries.

Kiranpreet Kaur

Got an excellent review for my doubts . They went over the document and answered all my questions by providing different solutions. Monisha jumped on the zoom call immediately on my request without hesitation and guided through the process.


Thank you very much to you and you team for the assistance in organizing a sale deed for the property in India. It is hard to imagine that we were able to get the work done by sitting abroad. Your input has been exemplary from the start.
We found you on Google search and got the right advice after you outlined pros and cons of various options. You went extra length in explaining the whole reasoning and process to our family in India. There were so many steps involved towards this sale deed. Opening a bank account in India, getting Adhar Card and PAN Card from overseas would not have been possible without your help. My father tells me that you have spent last few days in court, which shows your commitment and dedication. Times during the COVID were tough but you have marched on to make this deal possible. You have been always available on the phone to take any question. We have been highly impressed by you professionalism and quality of work. We recommend your services highly to everyone.

Kind Regards
Vikas and Harpreat Moudgil
[email protected]

Working with Simon &Josephine headed by Ms Monisha Mahajan here, had been a very good experience. She not only executed the committed deal perfectly, but also put her best efforts to overcome all hurdles that appeared in the process. Best wishes to Simon & Josephine & Ms Monisha Mahajan for future growth, which they so deserve.

Rajinder Kumar Mudgil
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 9888321342

Monisha has been dealing with my legal affairs for the last few years, she has been extremely professional through the whole process with a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards her work. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and process and would recommend her without a doubt. I am from London however communication was never an issue, thank you for all your hard work in dealing with my affairs.

Parmail kaur
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 07795418777
Country: London

Hi Monisha,
Please find below details for my feedback.I got the service from the Legal Help NRI team to prepare power of attorney for rental purposes. Primarily I worked with Monisha on this service and based on my experience I was very satisfied with the quality of work which I received from her team. Monisha was not only patient to understand my needs but at the same time she was knowledgeable and honest on her commitments. I got my work done on time as expected and importantly what I understood is that the Legal Help NRI team has vast experience to handle different needs for legal help for NRIs.So certainly I will look forward to working with her team next time and strongly recommend it for an NRI who needs legal help.
[email protected]

Legal Help NRI was a very responsive and helpful firm, I recommend them highly. Special kudos to Monisha for the strategic advice, and to Nikita for the diligent follow through!
Bobby Bringi
[email protected]

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team for all your help.

“I came in contact with Simon & Josephine in 2018 through a reference. I live in Canada and had a property dispute in Mohali, India where my property needed to be vacated from an absconding tenant. I had dealt with two other lawyers before meeting Monisha and was highly dissatisfied with their work ethics and attitude.
I would sincerely like to thank Monisha and her knowledgeable team for their dedicated efforts in getting my property vacated in just over a year, even in challenging times of COVID. The level of comfort Ms. Monisha Mahajan provides to her clients is beyond compare. Monisha and her team is extremely responsive to any legal questions one might have and her ability to understand client’s needs is commendable.
If you’re looking for a law firm that values your time spent in court, I would highly recommend Simon & Josephine, especially if you’re residing outside India and want a true confidante looking over your legal matters. Monisha has always gone above and beyond to help me and there is no one else I can trust to handle my legal concerns.”

Thank you
[email protected]

Hi, I have been a client of Monisha Mahajan. I live in America. To find out about my properties in India and other things, I had a very good experience dealing with her & the firm. I This firm can be completely trusted. Each time I have been stuck with a situation and required a solution, I got answers right away from the team of experts. The best part of the service has been the availability of one member or other 24/7. Even though there are time differences, the team is always available. I am very happy with the work they did for me. I recommend more people living overseas to take help their help as they’ll be happy to help you out. They’re brilliant host to their clients. I appreciate the assistance of their staff.

Thank you so much.
H Gill.

I am residing in Australia and used their expertise for India. I am very grateful for the help, I always receive from Ms. Monisha Mahajan Principal Attorney Since 2021, I have needed their services and as always the service exceeds my expectations. Monisha is generous too and helped me. Their fee and charges are also affordable and moreover Monisha is approachable  all times. At any time I need them they are always available to help quickly and a high level of professionalism. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.

Charnjit kaur
mailto:[email protected]