Women safety in India is one of the biggest concerns of the society in the present time. Every citizen is aware about the troubles women go through in their day to day life and the troubles they have to go through due the unsecure society around them. In India every woman has faced harassment due to the unsafe environment around them at least once in their life. India is everyday becoming more and more unsafe for woman to reside here and grow. The capital of our country has now been declared as the rape capital of the country. Women fear to go out at night for any purpose either for an outing or for work which affects their life way too much. Often when incidents happen at night women are blamed and different reasons are found to blame them for the same such as their way of clothing or the place where they went. In such incidents almost everyone find reasons to blame women whereas the men of this society are required to understand and teach how to not commit any such offence and how to create a safe society for women. Women who work late night usually fear to go alone home at night or in some cases women who drop their jobs and careers due to the reason of late night shift hours. Women have to give up their careers to stay safe which is curbing their growth and which in turn puts a stop to societal growth as well. Even though men are the one who really needs tips on learning how to behave but our own safety purpose women should follow the following tips to stay safe at night –

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel anything different or unsafe try to get out of that place immediately.
  2. Trust yourself always. If you have a feeling about a particular environment to be unsafe even it is seems significant trust your sixth sense or your gut and act accordingly. Try to make it a habit to9 notice these small signs and things and trust your intuition only.
  3. If possible avoid taking a public transport at night. Do not travel in public buses at night and if you have to travel by bus make sure to travel by a crowded bus for safety purposes.
  4.  If you are taking a cab at night, do not travel in any roadside cab. Book your cabs from trusted websites and until you have reached home take extra care or precaution travelling in the cab. Please take note of the number and the car model and send it your close ones if possible and take care of the behaviour of the cab driver as well and if you feel something unsafe react immediately by trusting your guts.
  5. If you are travelling by a two wheeler make sure to wear a help and do not stop your vehicle at night to give lift to any strangers.
  6. While travelling alone at night if possible share your current location to your family or friends or any other person who you can trust and who will be able to help you at night. If you have a smart phone installs emergency apps. Set numbers in your speed dial if you would have to call someone quickly in cases of emergency.
  7. In case you feel that someone if following you try to find a place with a good crowd and blend in with the crowd.
  8. Keep safety devices such as pepper spray or safety tool and keep these devices handy in case you need to use them.
  9. If possible while travelling at night accompany your colleagues and don’t travel alone. In case you will have to travel alone try if your colleagues can drop you to bus stand or the metro station safely.
  10. Keep all the important contact numbers saved in your phone such as police control room number, women helpline etc.